One Piece Charecter: Monkey D. Luffy

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Luffy first shows up in the manga part "Romance Dawn" (Romance Dawn - 冒険の夜明 Romance Dawn - Bōken no Yoake?), initially distributed in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on August 4, 1997. He first shows up as a young person living in Windmill Village who becomes a close acquaintence with the privateer "Red-Haired" Shanks, aiming to turn into one himself. When the arrangement's story starts, he coincidentally consumes the Gum Fruit, picking up elastic powers accordingly and he is spared by Shanks from being consumed alive by a Sea King. Ten years after the fact, Luffy leaves the town in inquiry of a fortune regarded as the One Piece and to get King of the Pirates. Cruising alone, Luffy meets a swordsman named Roronoa Zoro, the guide and criminal Nami, the fearful marksman and liar Usopp, and the womanizing culinary expert Sanji, who he welcomes to join his group in spite of their beginning complaints. He likewise experiences and annihilations a few privateers in the East Blue, for example, Buggy the Clown and the fishman Arlong. Luffy later acknowledges an offer to give back where its due of Alabasta, Nefertari Vivi, securely into her country to stop a resistance, induced by a part of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and pioneer of the wrongdoing syndicate Baroque Works, Sir Crocodile. Along the way, Luffy discovers a reindeer specialist named Tony Chopper in Drum Island. In the wake of overcoming Crocodile, Luffy permits Crocodile's subordinate Nico Robin to turn into his partner.
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While going by Skypiea, the group gets drawn into a war between two races and Luffy massacres the god Eneru, finishing the war. Luffy meets Navy Admiral Aokiji and is effortlessly vanquished. In the wake of researching Robin's legacy, Luffy keeps on faing different adversaries interfaced to her legacy, for example, Franky, a cyborg who finally gets to be Luffy's partner and the discernment org Cipher Pol No. 9, who causes Luffy and his group to spare Robin at Enies Lobby. After their battle with Cp9, Franky joins the group. Entering the Florian Triangle, Luffy experiences a skeletal musical performer named Brook and, to return Brook's shadow, overcomes the Warlord Gecko Moria. In the wake of discharging whatever is left of the island's detainees, Brook turns into a part of Luffy's team. The team heads off to the Sabaody Archipelago, and have Silvers Rayleigh cover the Thousand Sunny to enter the second 50% of the Grand Line. Be that as it may, Luffy's experience with Admiral Kizaru and the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma brings about Luffy and his team being sent to differentiate parts of the planet.

Stranded on Amazon Lily, an island governed by the Warlord Boa Hancock, Luffy moves Hancock with his dauntlessness and benevolence. Hancock goes gaga for Luffy and helps carry him to the underground jail Impel Down to recover his sibling Portgas D. Pro from being executed. Luffy breaks into the jail and meets past enemies and additionally new partners, for example, the Warlord Jimbei. After Luffy frees the detainees, they land at Marineford and Luffy is drawn into a war between the naval force and Whitebeard's privateer teams. Notwithstanding, Ace recoveries Luffy at the expense of his own life, and Luffy and Jimbei are cleared from Marineford by Trafalgar Law. Coming back to Amazon Lily, Luffy recollects how he first met Ace: after Shanks leaves Windmill Village, Luffy's granddad abandons him in crook Curly Dadan's forethought. He becomes friends with Ace and Sabo throughout this time who turn into his bond siblings; in any case, Sabo is killed by one of the Celestial Dragons. In the wake of coming back to Marineford to send a concealed message to his group, Luffy experiences preparing with Rayleigh on the island Ruskaina in an exertion to wind up stronger.

Two years after the fact, Luffy regroups with the Straw Hats, yet the team gets divided again for a brief time while cruising to Fishman Island. Luffy and the others meet Jimbei and the island's princess Shirahoshi, and are drawn into a fight for the island against fishman Hody Jones. Luffy and the team, as well as Jimbei, inevitably regroup and imagine an arrangement to thrashing Hody and his partners in crime. Emulating Hody's thrashing, Luffy recovers the stolen treasure from the tenderfoot privateer Caribou and begins a quarrel with Big Mam. The group enters the New World, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin land on Punk Hazard yet are soon caught by Caesar Clown, a desirous adversary of the researcher Vegapunk. Luffy and his team compose a partnership with Law to thrashing Caesar. Inevitably, Luffy defeats Caesar after learning about his history. 
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