Toriko (トリコ?) is a Japanese manga arrangement composed and delineated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since May 19, 2008, with the parts gathered into 33 tankōbon volumes by Shueisha as of January 15, 2015. It takes after the Series of Toriko, a Gourmet Hunter, as he looks for uncommon, different sustenances to finish a full-course meal. On his voyage, he is joined by a meek culinary specialist who needs to enhance his aptitudes.

A short film was made by Ufotable for the Jump Super Anime Tour 2009, with an alternate made for the 2010 visit. The manga has additionally been adjusted into a TV anime arrangement delivered by Toei Animation, which was telecast in Japan from 2011 to 2014. Also, Toei created a 2011 energized 3d short film and a 2013 gimmick film. The manga arrangement is authorized for an English-dialect discharge by Viz Media in North America and Madman Entertainment in Australasia. Maniac additionally authorized the anime arrangement in Australasia, while Funimation Entertainment authorized it in North America. As of June 2014, Shueisha declared in Volume 29 of Toriko that the arrangement had more than 20 million volumes in Print


Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter searching for the most precious foods in the world so he can create his full-course meal. A man with inhuman ability, he utilizes his incredible strength and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture ferocious, evasive, and rare beasts to further his menu. He is accompanied by the weak and timid chef Komatsu, who, inspired by Toriko's ambition, travels with him to improve his culinary skills and to find rare ingredients. Toriko and his friends often fight against the Gourmet Corps (美食會 Bishoku-kai?), who seek to take control of the world's entire food supply and are looking for the highly-sought after ingredient GOD (GOD(ゴッド) Goddo?), which the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia used to end the war that took place five-hundred years before the series began.


Toriko is an amazingly muscular and incredibly tall 25-yr-old man with somewhat messy blue neck-length hair. He has three scars running from his left ear to just under his left eye. He has strong, precise facial features and somewhat catlike eyes. 

At the point when meeting the national treasure Setsuno, she made Toriko use Knocking Master Jiro's hairstyle in the event that he needed to consume the Century Soup.

Toriko is regularly seen wearing a tight muscle orange jumpsuit comprising of tight spandex orange payload pants with pockets on the legs, dull blue knee-high boots, a dark sash, a tight muscle dark shirt with a tight muscle orange sleeveless vest both tucked in, and a red arm band on his left arm. Different times (for the most part at his home) he is seen wearing a straightforward white shirt and short orange jeans with handles. At the point when infuriated, Toriko's appearance gets to be more bestial and awful. His canine teeth show up more and more keen, his eyes get to be blurry, his face gets tighter, his veins lump and jerk, and his muscles grow and tighten up more than standard. At the point when going out to consume at formal restaurants, Toriko wears on a tuxedo and brushes his hair, providing for him a more refined appearance.

During Melk Stardust Arc, he wore a marginally distinctive jumpsuit with tore edges on the shoulders and on the undershirt. It had two gold studs on each one shoulder strap and the neckline is much bigger than on the past suit. The trouser now have two pockets on each one leg and on his left arm he wears a vast red arm band which covers the greater part of his arm furthermore the suit is significantly more gleaming.

During his journey through the Sand Garden, Toriko wore white center eastern-like desert garments to ensure himself against the sun, which incorporated a beige turban and a cape.

After the timeskip, no real changes happened with Toriko's appearance. In AIR Arc, when Toriko's Blue Demon exited his body, Toriko's scars on his left cheek somewhat got to be longer and his hair incidentally come back to its unique dark shade until the Blue Demon went into his body once more.


Toriko has no less than two Appetite Devils, one red and another one is blue, who are aware signs of his hunger and red and blue Gourmet Cells. These two creatures are just alluded to as the "Red Demon" and the "Blue Demon" and have unique appearances and identities from that of their host and themselves. The Red Demon looks like a more brutal form of Toriko, furthermore takes after something much the same as a male Hannya-like evil presence with dim red skin and white hair, while Toriko's Blue Demon looks like a more vile variant of himself with dim blue skin, dark markings and a couple of spikes and horns on its body. The Blue Demon likewise has blue hair precisely like Toriko's and it is the reason for Toriko's remarkable hair color.

Toriko with his Red and Blue Demons.
 Toriko has an identity of rough masculinity, consuming vigorously, drinking, flaunting, and showing a wild feeling of excitement just towards what interest him and once in a while towards what interest others. Numerous characterize him as an indulgent person. He additionally has a fixation on flawlessness with regards to the sustenance he serves. Regardless of having an immense craving and huge force, Toriko makes it a tenet not to aimlessly murder and consume any creature; he just executes creatures that he chooses to consume and will frequently select to utilize Knocking, Intimidation or different method for repulsing creatures he doesn't plan on consuming. He has a very propelled feeling of smell and an abnormal state of learning about a wide range of types of life, their conduct, and territories, and also information on other essential fields that may demonstrate helpful in the wild or while chasing, and he has an extremely benevolent theory and goals, demonstrating that he is an exceptionally clever and astute single person. 

Toriko accepts that no types of life, paying little mind to its presence, ought to be brought to termination, as demonstrated when he takes just a solitary Rainbow Fruit from the eighth Biotope's enclosure in order to not imperil the Troll Kongs lifestyle, and in addition his objection to Zebra's conduct of chasing various species to elimination. His general conduct with other individuals is agreeable and magnetic. Yet in the meantime, in the hotness of fight, he is equipped for showing a wild, creature like animosity to the point of showing his killing purpose as an illusionary Hannya-like evil spirit. He is greatly overcome and infrequently hints at any dread. Toriko's fantasy is to make the ideal Full Course Menu with just the best fixings involving it. His abilities as a Gourmet Hunter have helped him catch numerous high-class fixings however he has yet to discover (and taste) enough fixings he can regard sufficiently commendable to be set in and complete his Full Course Menu, expressing that there are still numerous fixings on the planet that he has yet to taste. He plans to discover GOD, the best fixing of the world, and is saving a spot for it in his menu as the principle dish. In spite of being a seeker, Toriko is a minding, humane individual.

He is very defensive of his two principle accomplices, Komatsu, and Terry. He is extremely specific about the sustenances in his Full Course Menu, needing it to be the best, he picks just the rarest, most tasty nourishments he finds to serve in his supper. He likewise puts much confidence in his accomplices, accepting that Terry can surpass his own particular quality when she needs to. He likewise puts his confidence in Komatsu's cooking capacities, permitting Komatsu to have the last drop of the Century Soup, accepting that Komatsu will the have the capacity to repeat the formula. In the wake of framing a Combo with Komatsu, Toriko has chosen to pick those elements for his Full Course Menu that acknowledge both him and his accomplice. 

Toriko additionally appears to appreciate testing his quality, for example, when he crushed a monstrous rock to test the quality of his Nail Punch and when he got energized at the thought of battling Tommyrod, a Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef, as it was his first chance to battle a Sous Chef who would utilize his full quality. He has additionally as of late expressed the yearning to battle the mammoth that has the Capture Level of 100.
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