Got off To a Comic Best Ever Start of France "one punch man", What Was The Key?

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Anime of "one punch man" in the translated versions comic was released in France that of January 14. 65,000 part of the first edition was sold out in a few days, publisher of Kurokawa decided immediately reprint of 30,000 copies.

With GFK, Inc., a marketing research company in Germany, the country of books overall sales ranking French Libre-Ebudo magazine is published weekly, ranked in the same work the first appearance third place. This is an aggregate of up to 17 days from the same month 11 days, it comes to sales in real four days.

One punch man is said to have cut the comic best ever start of France. The country's fans have been waiting a translation publication of this work. The film is delivered in the 2015 October anime YouTube and from ADN (Europe's largest Japanese animation delivery SVOD), diffusion in no time, had been popular. Kurokawa is was that of reading such a situation of he faces in circulation drastic from the first edition.

Japanese is fluent, Junkudo Paris branch, which is also known for many gather that customers wants to read the original version. Kyuki Masahiko branch manager for the one-punch man, "sales of the original version and the translated version is almost equivalent to" talk to, suggesting that layer also core fans that wants to read in the original have wanted the translated version is up to a considerable number .

Since nine Hee Mr. difference "French culture for the same work, simple and easy-to-understand list -.. Lee will receive things too mundane, for example, work that's theme useless at that point in time working the way the concept of like is since different. hero is unable to sympathize even your best work at the expense of the private. that's why to "dress" like adventure stuff is popular, gag cartoons, such as the one punch man is a simple story there is also a fantasy element to analyze and I think we also received. "

French Le Monde magazine, for the country of the comic market, is a parody and love comedy, reports that it was only two titles were exceeded even 10,000 copies struggling began, gag cartoons to sell from around 2006-2007 are . One punch man who defeated the ranking list in recent years has been rut is expected that it is there to lead the industry.

Currently, to reign at the top in the French publishing company dealing with the Japanese manga is dealing with, such as "One Piece" and "Bleach", "Dragon Ball" Gurena. Pika second place is the publisher of "Fairy Tale", "Attack on Titan." Third place is the "Naruto" publisher, Kana. Followed by Kuhn to publish "A Silent Voice", "harmful city". Kurokawa's fifth fastest.

Kurokawa rival comparison is apt Kuhn of director as of, a certain Mr. Ahmed Anye in an interview , threatened and "sales of one-punch man in a speedy, tremendous thing" while as, "than not continue this momentum is" ( instrument), and it said Kuhn is although "my Hero Academia" to publish was not reputation before, such as the one punch man, might become more work with momentum.

Why listen to the editors of Kurokawa of "one punch man" hit

The reason why the one-punch man is off to a good start in France, editor in charge of the same works in Kurokawa, was heard to Gregoire Yellow.

Why one punch man was accepted in France about this?

one punch man is, work to break the hero (hero) itself. Any culture to be "hero" is present, follow the same rules. To become a hero, hostile person and fighting desperately went and go up to win, it must exceed the antagonist (antagonism). In the case of one-punch man, there is no that antagonized by the overwhelming strength of the hero Saitama (antagonism), it will be fascinated by the story that does not have read so far.

The story is built on top of the basic rules and is evil versus good fight in the hero stuff (by the hero other than Saitama) further. I think this is the reason of the No. 1 that same work has been hit.

Another reason is, I think that it is "nostalgia". France read a lot the Japanese boy comics since I was a junior high school student, look full of live-action film of American comics, is reduced were many people the opportunity to read the comics become after 10 years adult. These readers will ever encounter in the entertainment works that they had hooked "gently broke" are "one punch man", I think we want with reading.

It is interesting discussion. By the way, the difference with other companies in the publishing trend of Kurokawa is?

feature of Kurokawa, the publisher issues a title such that want to read even for those who do not read the comics usually, it is.

Kurokawa is basically, I'm reading a Japanese manga magazine think that want to expand the French comic market. Even in young comic in girls' comics, if it is determined that it is someone could enjoy the French readers work, we would like to publish a translated version. Of course, you can look at the state of the French comic market, but we decided to policy while exploring the readers of taste.

- Whether the current in France, titles like can be a rival of the one-punch man is considered?

It is not maybe .... As mentioned above, "one punch man" is to break gently on the images of the royal road boy manga and American comics.

Although such work of concept had is what installment around the world, a work such as parody, yet was only one ending in a few pages. One punch man is at first glance, but is the story of a likely concept end in a few pages, it continued as a neat feature, yet wisely this unusual setting, use naturally, I feel like have led to interesting boring should of deployment. It is a very unique piece.

Because there are features in is the uniqueness of the "one punch man", if the thing that the "rival of work" can be "read here of the work instead of this work", an alternative to the "one punch man" work is not present.

Volume 2 was released one punch man French version on March 10, also records the first appearance third place and the first volume in the aggregate from the same month 7 days to 13 days. Popular in France have shown that not only momentum from previous reputation. Volume 3 has been scheduled to be released on June 9, want to pay attention whether subsequent to this flow.

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