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Lucy Heartfilia is a 17-year-old divine wizard who flees from home to join Fairy Tail, a boisterous wizards' society whose parts are extremely popular for their excessively damaging pranks. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a kid who is venturing to every part of the place where there is Fiore together with his accomplice Happy, a blue flying feline, in hunt of his temporary parent, a winged serpent named Igneel who had vanished seven years prior. Lucy is soon snatched by a rebel wizard acting like the acclaimed Salamander of Fairy Tail. Natsu salvages Lucy, uncovering himself to be the genuine Salamander and a Dragon Slayer, a wizard with the capabilities of a winged serpent. In the wake of overcoming the fraud, Natsu welcomes Lucy to join Fairy Tail. 

Lucy structures a group with Natsu and Happy, where they undertake different missions. They are joined by ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and protected female wizard Erza Scarlet, who examine the movements of an unlawful "dull" society Eisenwald. Later, Natsu and Lucy overlook the organization's tenets to undertake a high standing "S-class" journey on Galuna Island, and are soon joined by Gray and Erza, who help upset a plot to restore an evil presence made by the antiquated dull wizard Zeref. After giving back, the five identify that opponent society Phantom Lord has struck Fairy Tail, bringing about war between the two societies and Lucy being captured; Fairy Tail inevitably vanquishes the organization. The organization then crosses ways with Jellal Fernandez, Erza's adolescence companion who is controled by Ultear Milkovich to restore Zeref utilizing the Tower of Heaven. Natsu massacres Jellal and the Tower of Heaven is devastated. Two Phantom Lord parts — Gajeel Redfox, a Dragon Slayer raised by the monster Metalicana; and Juvia Lockser, a water wizard — join Fairy Tail thereafter. Laxus Dreyar, the maverick grandson of the society's expert Makarov Dreyar, then endeavors to assume control Fairy Tail by setting up a fight illustrious, yet is eventually vanquished and dislodged. 

Structuring a partnership with the wizard societies Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter, Fairy Tail battles the dull society Oración Seis who have restored Jellal. Wendy Marvell, a Dragon Slayer raised by
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Grandine and the sole part of Cait Shelter, joins Fairy Tail as well as her flying feline Carla. Lucy, Natsu, and the others enter the substitute universe of Edolas when their society vanishes because of Edolas' forces. The gathering experiences Faust, the lord of Edolas who expects to give a boundless supply of enchantment for his universe by outfitting the mystery and the individuals of Magnolia. Cheerful and Carla likewise uncover their legacy as Exceeds sent to Earth-arrive as newborn children on the requests of their ruler Chagot. Associating with the Exceeds and Faust's child Mystogan, Fairy Tail massacres Faust and restores their society at the expense of Edolas' mysterious force being emptied. The assembly comes back to Earth-land with the Exceeds, one of whom, Panther Lily, structures an organization with Gajeel. 

Some parts of Fairy Tail, incorporating Natsu, Lucy, and their partners, take an interest in an exam on their organization's hallowed ground of Sirius Island in which wizards can development to a higher rank and consequently participate in additional unsafe missions. Throughout the exam, Fairy Tail is drawn into a fight against the dull organization Grimoire Heart; the dim society is looking for Zeref, who has been existing on the island. Supported by a changed Laxus, Fairy Tail massacres Grimoire Heart, and Zeref executes the organization's guide Hades. Notwithstanding, the episode summons the dark mythical beast Acnologia, which assaults the island. The soul of Fairy Tail's establishing expert, Mavis Vermilion, ensures everybody on the island from Acnologia's strike with an opposing spell, solidifying them in time for seven years. 

After the spell terminates, the returning Fairy Tail parts reveal that their organization is the weakest in the kingdom. The organization takes part in a competition called the Grand Magic Games to choose the kingdom's strongest society. Additionally partaking in the competition are Saber Tooth, the present strongest
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society, and Raven Tail, an organization established by Makarov's angry child Ivan. Pixie Tail helps Crime Sorcière, an organization structured by a got away Jellal, Ultear, and previous Grimoire Heart part Merudy, in exploring a mystical oddity around the competition stadium. In the wake of vanquishing Saber Tooth and Raven Tail, Fairy Tail wins the Grand Magic Games. Then again, Natsu, Lucy and the others are drawn into a trick including the Eclipse Plan, which includes the utilization of the 12 Zodiac Gatekeys so an individual can go back in time and demolish Zeref before he turns into a danger. Because of the ruses of what's to come part of Rogue Cheney, a Dragon Slayer and part of Saber Tooth, the Eclipse is accustomed to carry seven mythical beasts from the past through it. The Eclipse is annihilated throughout the fight between Natsu and Rogue, returning Rogue and the mythical serpents to their separate time periods. 

The Fairy Tail parts acknowledge an occupation appeal to spare the solidified Sun Village. While there, they reveal movement from the dull society Tartaros, who arrangement to summon their expert E.n.d., Zeref's most capable devil. The parts of Tartaros dispatch the Magic Council and gravely wound Laxus, provoking Fairy Tail to take up arms against Tartaros.
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