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Gurren Lagann happens in an anecdotal future where Earth is managed by the Spiral King, Lordgenome, who powers humanity to live in secluded underground towns. These towns have no contact with the surface world or different towns, and are under steady risk of seismic tremors. Chose villagers called diggers are recruited to grow their homes deeper underground. Simon, a mild youthful digger exclu
ded by his associates, discovers comfort in his closest companion and more seasoned sibling figure, a whimsical reprobate named Kamina. Kamina sways Simon to join his posse, Team Gurren, to help him accomplish his long for going to the surface world. One day, Simon uncovers a drill-molded key called a Core Drill, emulated by a little mecha taking after a face called a Gunmen.[9][10] Shortly from there on, a titan Gunmen crashes through the roof and starts assaulting the town, took after by a young lady named Yoko who endeavors to repulse the Gunmen. Simon utilizes his Core Drill to enact the more modest Gunmen (which Kamina names Lagann), and it is utilized to annihilate the bigger Gunmen and leap forward to the surface world. 

Simon and Kamina gain from Yoko that people on the surface are struck every day by Gunmen guided by beastmen, humanoid animals who serve as Lordgenome's armed force. Kamina captures a Gunmen and names it Gurren, consolidating it with Simon's Lagann to structure the mecha Gurren Lagann. Their movements rouse different people to take their own particular Gunmen and join Team Gurren, which makes Kamina rename it Team Dai-Gurren. In the end Team Dai-Gurren catches an adversary Gunmen post to use as their base of operations, however Kamina is slaughtered in the former fight. Rossiu, a kid from an alternate town, assumes control over the occupation of guiding Gurren, yet Kamina's demise causes Simon to sink into despondency until he meets Nia, Lordgenome's little girl. Group Dai-Gurren is at first incredulous of her, however permits her to join when it gets clear that she was relinquished by her father, in the same way as other that preceded her. Nia helps Simon deal with Kamina's passing, and whatever is left of Team Dai-Gurren brief him to consume the part as the group's pioneer, heading them and different people, who caught other Gunmen and Gunmen posts, to Lordgenome's royal residence, where they overcome Lordgenome and the Beastman armed force. 

Through the following seven years, humanity thrives on the surface world with Simon and the parts of Team Dai-Gurren serving as the world's legislature. When the world's populace achieves one million individuals, an outsider race called the Anti-Spirals develops and utilizes Nia to affirm the moon's impact with Earth, which will wipe out all life on the planet and keep them from advancing to such a degree, to the point that they will hazard crushing the universe in a disastrous occasion called the Spiral Nemesis. With direction from a restored Lordgenome, who had shrouded humanity underground to ensure them from the Anti-Spirals, Team Dai-Gurren keeps the moon's crash, salvages Nia, and crushes the Anti-Spirals. This, on the other hand, causes Nia to blur away and bite the dust as her presence is attached to that of the Anti-Spirals. Simon uses whatever remains of his life meandering the planet as an anonymous vagrant while his friends set out to contact different races all around the cosmic system to help keep the Spiral Nemesis and guarantee the security of the universe.

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 Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English) 

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 Simon is the principle hero of Gurren Lagann. He is presented as a fourteen-year-old digger from Giha town who is looked down upon by a significant number of his associates for his shy and frail character. He extraordinarily respects Kamina, one of his few companions in the town, and alludes to him as his sibling in spite of them not being connected by blood. Simon uses a significant part of the first quarter of the arrangement trailing Kamina, however continuously gains his battling soul and determination throughout the span of the arrangement, following up on his own all the more regularly until his identity reflects that of Kamina. His disclosure of the Core Drill and the Gunmen Lagann are what situated the occasions of the arrangement in movement. All through the arrangement, Simon fundamentally pilots Lagann, which is equipped for processing drills from any a piece of its body when it responds to Simon's Spiral vitality. He utilizes this capability to join with Kamina's Gunmen, Gurren, to structure Gurren Lagann. He can additionally take control of other Gunmen utilizing this capability. 


 Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English) 

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 Kamina is a recalcitrant youth from Giha town who longs for leaving his underground home and heading off to the surface world, which he saw as a youngster. His amazingly energetic and self-assured identity makes him go about as a foil for the more shy and powerless willed Simon, and serves to ingrain mettle inside Simon. His movements incredibly impact the whole arrangement, as he structures Team Dai-Gurren and goes about as its pioneer to battle the risk of Lordgenome and the beastmen. Ahead of schedule in the arrangement, Kamina seizes a Gunmen he names Gurren, which he pilots while joined with Simon's Lagann to structure Gurren Lagann. 

Yoko Littner 

Anime Cheks
 Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English) 

 Yoko is a junior lady from Littner, a town neighboring Giha, and is presented as a part of a little safety against the beastmen. She aides acquaint Simon and Kamina with the surface world, and turns into a part of Team Gurren before long. She begins to look all starry eyed at Kamina ahead of schedule in the arrangement, and has a poor opinion of Simon until he starts hinting at self-assurance. After Kamina's demise, she tries to help Simon adapt and structures a sisterly association with him. As opposed to steering a Gunmen, she wields a high-controlled vitality rifle and utilization her radiant marksmanship and savvy committee to help her colleagues. 

Nia Teppelin

 Voiced by: Yukari Fukui (Japanese), Hynden Walch (scenes 9-15), Bridget Hoffman (scenes 17-27) (English) 

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 Nia is a real character presented later on in the arrangement. Having carried on with a shielded life as the little girl of Lordgenome, the principle rival of the first 50% of the arrangement, she is uninformed of the war between the people and Lordgenome until she is surrendered by her father and ran across by Simon. She is an exceptionally pleasant and guileless young lady who is interested about the world, and goes about as a relieving impact for Simon succeeding his dejection created by Kamina's passing. The two become hopelessly enamored and get captivated at the begin of the second a large portion of the arrangement, after which she is uncovered to be an executor of the Anti-Spirals. Throughout this time, Nia is assumed control by a cool and heartless identity called "Envoy Nia" and compelled to battle Simon without wanting to until Simon salvages her. Since her presence is tied with that of the Anti-Spirals, then again, she blurs away with them after they are crushed, however keeps herself alive long enough to wed Simon.
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