Beyblade V Force

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The Bladebreakers

The Bladebreakers have gone their divide ways, however when Team Psykick and the Saint Shields assault the Bladebreakers, and attempt to take their spot brutes for their explanations, the Bladebreakers collect at the end of the day to annihilation the new adversaries. Tyson's comrade Hilary Tachibana (Hiromi Tachibana) joins the Bladebreakers, yet requires some serious energy to take in the way that Beyblade isn't only a doltish diversion as she supposes it may be. In an endeavor to take the four digit mammoths from the Bladebreakers, Team Psykick makes four cyborg duplicates of the Bladebreakers' touch monsters and volunteer four gifted bladers named Kane, Salima, Goki and Jim to control the spot brutes and their separate sharpened pieces of steels.

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These youngsters were really immaculate hearted and honest bladers with high aspirations, however the dim force of the cyborg bit-brutes step by step assume control over their personalities and turn them abhorrent. The primary 50% of the second season closes with the Bladebreakers overcoming Team Psykick. Tyson, Ray, Kai and Max fight Kane, Salima, Goki and Jim individually and rout them. After the cyborg monsters are crushed Team Psykick return to their ordinary selves and recover awareness. The second 50% of Season 2 arrangements with reality of why the Saint Shields and Team Psykick are after Bladebreakers' spot brutes and in the ballpark of a shake that Max's mother found that holds bit-monsters, which is stolen by Team Psykick. 

anime cheksThe Saint Shields' purpose for endeavoring to take the spot mammoths is since they wish to seal the Bladebreakers' touch brutes in a rock on the grounds that they expect that the touch monsters could escape control as they finished previously, the holy person shields fight the Bladebreakers and figure out how to close Ray's spot monster Driger in a rock however later Ray recovers Driger and thrashing all the Saint Shields in a group go head to head. Group Psykick's explanation for why in attempting to take the touch mammoths is since the Psykick's guide, Dr. Zagart, needs the spot monsters to turn his android child Zeo (an accurate copy of his real child who kicked the bucket in a mishap) into a true human. In the wake of overcoming the Saint Shields, Tyson and co meets Zeo and becomes a closeacquaintence with him without knowing the way that he is the child of Team Psykick's pioneer. Zeo additionally is unware of the way that he is a cyborg and not a human and that his father is behind all of Team Psykick's arrangements.

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Later Zeo gets some answers concerning his past and chooses to help his father in his arrangements. Dr. Zagart gives Zeo a spot mammoth named Cerberus, the strongest touch monster fixed in the rock. Zeo enters the planet Beyblade competition with the intention of crushing all the Bladebreakers parts and taking their spot brutes. In the competition Zeo massacres Kai and Max and takes their spot monsters Dranzer and Draciel. At the same time in the last fight Tyson and Dragoon (Tyson's touch brute) rout Zeo and Cerberus. Simultaneously Tyson and Max's group win the planet competition. Dranzer and Draciel return to their unique bladers, Kai and Max.
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