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Dr. Kenzō Tenma is an adolescent Japanese specialist, working at Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf in 1986. An expert cerebrum specialist, he appears to have everything: an advancement in the offing; the support of the clinic's chief, Udo Heinemann; and Heinemann's little girl Eva as his life partner. Nonetheless, Tenma is progressively disappointed with the political predisposition of the clinic in treating patients, and seizes the opportunity to change things after a slaughter brings brotherly twins Johan and Anna Liebert into the healing facility. Tenma, passing by his morals as a specialist, chooses to work on Johan rather than the leader of Düsseldorf, who arrived later. Johan is spared, however Mayor Roedecker kicks the bucket. Tenma loses his social standing (and Eva) accordingly, however comforts himself by accepting he made the best decision and gives up all hope of continually accomplishing his prior high objectives. Be that as it may, Director Heinemann and alternate specialists in Tenma's direction are bafflingly killed, and both kids vanish from the doctor's facility soon thereafter. The police suspect Tenma, since he profits from the unforeseen development; nonetheless, they have no confirmation and can just address him.

Nine years after the fact, Tenma is Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial. A patient of his, being addressed in association with the homicide of center matured couples crosswise over Germany, is killed before his eyes, and the executioner is uncovered to be Johan Liebert, the tyke who vanished. Tenma advises all to the police, yet they discover no hint of anybody named Johan Liebert, and Tenma soon turns into the lead suspect. Troubled that what he accepted was the correct thing has really prompted so much hopelessness, Tenma starts to track down Johan, needing to chase the Monster down as expiation for his mix-up.

Tenma's chase for Johan brings him eye to eye with the dirty, obnoxious underbelly of the world, from governmental issues to composed wrongdoing, from serial executioners to blameless vagrants, a showcasing of how a man can transform himself into a power of abhorrent, of that it is so natural to devastate the delicate parity of life, and how terrifying the obscure could be. Tenma must sort out the few insights he can discover to get Johan, yet this is no round of feline & mouse, it is one decided man's battle against something much more excellent, something that may have been intended to be much more amazing. Anyway Tenma is not alone, even as Johan leaves annihilation afterward, Tenma is shutting in, the inquiry which he need to ask of himself is that, knowing what he knows, would he be able to still claim to know who the Monster is, would he be able to ever win his battle against this insidious of close legendary proportions?
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