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"Nami" CAT Burglar" is a privateer and the pilot of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was the third part of the group and the second to join, doing so throughout the Orange Town Arc. Later, she cleared out and deceived the group throughout the Baratie Arc, yet rejoined at the end of the Arlong Park Arc, after her past and accurate aims were revealed.she has an abundance of Beli 16,000,000

Anime Cheks
One Piece Character: Nami


Nami is a youthful, ordinary estimated and thin young lady, with orange hair and light tan eyes. Numerous individuals think as of her to be extremely engaging or even beautiful.She has a dark tattoo (blue in the anime.)on her cleared out shoulder, which speaks to mikan, and pinwheels (a reverence to Bell-mère, Nojiko, and Genzo, separately), where she used to have a tattoo for being a part of Arlong's crew.

Her general body developed abruptly (however this is, in all likelihood, a straightforward change in style of fine art). Her form habitually changes as does her haircut. A hefty portion of her shirts offer four-letter words, for example, "MODE", "GOLD", or "Malice", like a shirt that Bell-mère once wore that had "MACE" on it. On her cleared out wrist, she wears the Log Pose, which she needs to be the pilot of the boat, and a gold armlet, provided for her by her sister, Nojiko.After the Arlong Park Arc, Nami oftentimes changes into a mixture of apparel in the arrangement for each one bend, and generally matches her finish with skirts that have two rings on the sides. Her trademark shoes are orange high-heeled fighter shoes. Nami wears some type of high heels in every bend, keeping in mind they do make her taller, they don't appear to influence the way she strolls or her speed. 

She wears a strap around her thigh with three openings in it which she keeps each one shaft of her bo staff and later the Clima-Tact in. 

Before the Timeskip 

Anime Cheks
Nami Before Time Skip
When the Syrup Village Arc, Nami wore her trademark orange small scale skirt with two white rings on each one side filled in with orange or tan in their focuses and shirts with short sleeves that were long enough to shroud her tattoo on her exited shoulder that show that she was a part of the Arlong Pirates. 

Throughout the Romance Dawn Arc to the Syrup Village Arc, Nami's starting trademark look comprised of a white and blue striped shirt, her trademark orange scaled down skirt and tan high-heeled boots. 

Throughout the Baratie Arc, she wore a pink shirt with the letters "W" and a lowercase "B" in the core around in white. The shirt has white liners and two lines along the sleeves. She likewise wore her yellow smaller than usual skirt, and tan high-heeled boots. 

Throughout the Arlong Park Arc, Nami wore a green nightgown with dull green bloom shapes, tight dark jeans with two yellow rings on the sides, and light orange high-heeled shoes. She additionally wore Luffy's straw cap for some time before it was later come back to him. After the curve, she wore a plain white shirt with a blue smaller than usual skirt with two white rings on the sides. 

Throughout the Loguetown Arc, she wore a plain war fleet blue, short-sleeved shirt, a dim blue smaller than usual skirt with white rings on the sides, and naval force blue high-heeled shoes. 

Throughout the Warship Island Arc to the Reverse Mountain Arc, she wore a sleeveless child blue shirt with a light heart in the inside with a confuse plan, a dull blue smaller than usual skirt, and her normal light tan high-heeled shoes. 

Throughout the Whiskey Peak Arc, she wore a dark shirt with the saying "MODE" printed in the focal point in pink with the base in a pink lattice like plan, her normal yellow skirt and her high-heeled shoes. 

Throughout the Little Garden Arc, she wore a straightforward, since a long time ago sleeved shirt with blue sleeves, her yellow skirt, and her high-heeled shoes. In the wake of getting away Mr. 3's Giant Candle Service Set, her shirt was smoldered and uncovered a dark, frilly brassiere underneath. 

Throughout the Drum Island Arc, she wore a few outfits. Initially, Nami wore a pale blue, short-sleeved cotton sweater, her yellow shirt and high-heeled shoes. While Luffy and Sanji conveyed her to be dealt with by Dr. Kureha (she got a fever in the past bend), Nami wore a checkered, hooded parka with the colors white, orange and splendid yellow (which Luffy later wore). She wore pale blue nightgown while recuperating at Dr. Kureha's home, and a light purple cover with light tan hide lining it when she wandered out of her room. At last, Nami wore a long, maroon cover with hide on the hood, neckline and fix, and maroon high-heeled winter boots. 

Throughout the Alabasta Arc, she wore white overalls to secure her skin while in the desert, she resigned these garments throughout her battle with Paula to uncover a dance lover like outfit (which Sanji had purchased her prior in the bend). This outfit comprised of a blue and purple strap top with a pink cover and a long white skirt with the top part blue, Nami later shredded the skirt the side to make it simpler for her to run. At long last, Nami wore an as far back as anyone can remember sleeved white shirt with a tan skirt to match these with her ordinary high heels. 

Throughout the Jaya Arc Nami wore a blue and white striped tank top with her standard skirt and high-heels. 

Throughout the first a piece of the Skypiea Arc, she wore a light yellow short-sleeved shirt. She then changed into a swimsuit that was outlined in a cloud example colored in blue, light blue and white. She combined her top with maroon trousers, and her orange high-heeled shoes. She additionally wore glasses for a little time of time. 

Throughout the Davy Back Fight Arc she wore a dark tank top uncovering her navel with the expression gold on it, she additionally wore white pants with two rings as an afterthought, a wristband, and her consistent high heels. 

Throughout the Water 7 Arc, she donned two outfits. The first was a dull blue, short-sleeved shirt with a light blue tie that had three lines of dark specks beautified corner to corner at the end. She supplemented her top with a white creased skirt with brilliant rings on the sides and dim blue high heel warrior shoes. After Luffy's battle with Usopp, Nami changed into a violet nightgown with the number "3" engraved on it in white, a white creased smaller than expected skirt, and her default high-heeled shoes. 

Throughout the Enies Lobby Arc, she wore dark high-heeled combatant shoes, a tan cleavage-uncovering outfit that uncovered her midriff with cream-colored liners and a pale blue, creased small skirt. 

Throughout the Thriller Bark Arc, she donned numerous outfits. One of her them was a pink, since a long time ago sleeved sweater with an office, a creased tan little skirt, and tan high-heeled boots. She later wore a strapless, long wedding outfit and white high-heeled pumps. She attached her hair to short braid. She appeared to have deserted the shoes for high-heeled boots as of Chapter 435 yet she began utilizing shoes again before the end of the bend. 

For the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Nami wore an orange shirt with an orange botanical example, white short shorts, and her high-heeled shoes. Nami's garments comprised of a pink shirt, jean shorts, and high heels for the Straw Hat's Separation Serial.

After the Timeskip 

Anime Cheks
Nami After Time Skip
From the Return to Sabaody Arc through the Fishman Island Arc, Nami's hair has developed rather long,
arriving at down to her lower back. Her bosoms have likewise become bigger and rounder, in the same way as Robin's, however separated from this her appearance has not changed much, put something aside for the way that both her body bends and hourglass figure have gotten to be more affirmed. Strangely, her face is currently attracted to look more youthful: with her eyes greater (with the irises now indicating), droopier, and set lower all over; however this may be from the workmanship style developing. She additionally seems to have become taller, as she gives off an impression of being simply marginally shorter than Robin now (in spite of the fact that they are both wearing high heels). Her outfit after the timeskip comprises of an uncovering green and white swimsuit bridle top, tight low-rider pants (that uncover some of her hips), orange high-heeled shoes, and a couple of pearl-like studs. Following the time when touching base to the New World, Nami sports another sash with a "Beli" image on it where she can additionally keep the bits of her Sorcery Clima-Tact on the right side and puts the cinch around her waist when she is battling genuinely against an adversary.

At the begin of the Punk Hazard Arc, when they landed in the New World, in the wake of washing, Nami changed to a red and yellow Criminal brand swimming outfit top with the same pair of pants and shoes. She likewise tied her hair back. When she arrived at the icy side of Punk Hazard, Sanji provided for her his coat to stay warm. She was later given a long dark twofold breasted layer by Kin'emon utilizing his anonymous Devil Fruit power. 

Throughout the Dressrosa Arc, Nami's first outfit comprises of tank top and short shorts. Later, while playing a shogun scene on the sunny, she wears a two-piece top, short shorts, and high heels. 

Body Measurements 

  • In SBS Volume 6, Oda said that, as stated by Sanji, her estimations were B86-W57-H86 (34"-22"-34"). 
  • Upgraded estimations were given in SBS Volume 37, in which Oda reacted to a fan address by saying that her stature was 169 cm (5'6), and her three estimations were (as stated by Sanji) B95-W55-H85 (37"-21"-33"), making her bosoms an I-measure in Japan.
  • After the timeskip, her stature is 170 cm, and her estimations are B98-W58-H88 (J-cup).
  • Notwithstanding the figures over, Nami's breasts appear to develop into and after that "reset" all around the curves (this is a great deal more evident in the manga and in Movie 7).
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