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Cowpoke Bebop is situated in the year 2071,when humankind has colonized the whole Solar System,with a terraformed Mars as the inside of human civilization.The story starts with the presentation of abundance seekers Spike Spiegel, an ousted previous hitman of the criminal Red Dragon Syndicate, and Jet Black, a previous ISSP (Inter Solar System Police) officer who resigned emulating a swarm hit that cost him his arm, as they go on Jet's starship, the Bebop. Through unintended circumstances, the pair are in the end joined by three new parts: Ein, a hyper-clever hereditarily built Welsh Corgi, Faye Valentine, an amnesiac femme fatale rascal, and Edward, a barefooted preteen female productive machine programmer. The arrangement is generally roundabout, with the story normally emulating the group's escapades and abundance chasing journeys, while likewise investigating their normal lives. 

All around the arrangement, the Bebop group parts bargain with uncertain issues from their pasts, with the show normally using flashbacks to represent their backstories. Throughout the span of the arrangement's scenes, Spike periodically experiences and fights his previous companion Vicious, an authority of the Red Dragon Syndicate, while his past is demonstrated to be fixed to an obscure lady named Julia. After a concise get-together with his previous ISSP accomplice, Jet runs across he was sold out and the swarm hit that prompted his arm misfortune was a trap completed by his degenerate accomplice. Faye uncovers she was conceived in the twentieth century and was cryogenically solidified after a space shuttle mischance left her extremely harmed. Edward experiences her departed father and in the long run chooses to leave the Bebop, with Ein deciding to go hand in hand with her. 

The arrangement closes with the finish of Spike's story bend. It is uncovered that Julia was Vicious' sweetheart who began a hazardous undertaking with Spike, who offered to forsake the Red Dragon Syndicate and abscond with her. After Vicious figured out, he faced Julia and requested her to murder Spike, undermining that both might be murdered generally. To ensure herself and Spike, Julia chose total isolation, never gathering Spike as both of them had arranged. Spike then faked his passing to the Syndicate and vanished, inevitably gathering Jet and structuring an abundance seeker association with him. In the present, Vicious stages an overthrow on the pioneers of the Red Dragon Syndicate, turning into its new head and requesting a hit on Spike and Julia. With help, Spike figures out how to discover Julia in their unique gathering spot. On the other hand, the two are in a matter of seconds pitfell by hitmen sent by Vicious, and Julia is killed in the departure. Spike comes back to the Bebop and shares a last minute with Jet and Faye, before traveling to Red Dragon central command where Vicious is holding up. In the wake of battling his path through various associate, he at last figures out how to go up against Vicious. The two fight, Spike utilizing his gun, and Vicious utilizing his katana. After a concise standoff, the two trade blows at the same time, leaving Vicious dead and Spike extremely injured. Spike dives the staircase, where he is gone up against by the rest of the Red Dragons parts. Grinning, he mirrors a firearm with his fingers, expresses a last word "Blast", and breakdown.

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