Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Sakura is teenage ninja girl from konoha village.She is a part of team 7 with Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto under Kakashi Hatake.Sakura another part is inner Sakura,which represent her opinion on things when she feel something opposite.

In early mission she does little for team 7 in battle,Later Kakashi seen that she is a excellent control over her chakra.Sakura allow her teammates to protect her.But  during chunin exam,when the Naruto and Sasuke left in need for her protection,Then she realize the depend on her teammates to fight her battles is unwise.

She improve her ninja abilities,and take more active role in her team7 battles.After Sasuke leave konoha village,naruto fail to bring him back to konoha,Sakura want to help either of them.Then Sakura become student of legendary ninja Tsunade,that she can do much better for his teammates in future.From that day Sakura make a goal to bring Sasuke back to konoha.

She train for  two and half year under Tsunade,She gain abilities to heal wounds.Sakura is the most  capable 
medic ninja.Sakura also develop superpower strength by gathering chakra in her fists.Then she join team 7 to save Gaara from the criminal organization Akatsuki as a medic ninja.Sakura defeat tha Sasori the Akarsuki 
Sakura extracting poison from Kankuro's body.

member with the help of Chiyo,Sasori also give hint about Sasuke is where abouts.They track Sasuke down with the intelligence of new team 7 member Sai.But they are unbale stop him from escaping.Once they again disappointed to bring him back.They tries once again to find Sasuke,though after almost arrest him,but they lose.Sakura seens that Naruto hardships on his face,akatsuki attack Naruto to catch Nine tail Demon Fox.BY the impact of forces Naruto put his life.Sakura help Naruto to overcome to prevent him.

Sakura Decide to kill Sasuke after understanding hi is danger to the village.When she unsucced to kill him Naruto decides to solve thingswith Sasuke himself.Akatsuki organization leader madara declare war,Sakura Join war as a medical ninja.

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