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Itachi is from Konahagakure and member of Uchiha Clan. He is a elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha.His early childhodd was gone in war and violence which he want peace at any cost.Itachi become a double agent to provide konoha with intelligence on his clan's action.

Itachi also killed his best friend  Shisui Uchiha to gain mangekyo sharingan.Later Shisui wounded by Danzo.In return Danzo's promise to spare his younger brother, Itachi slaughters his entire clan, with the exception of Sasuke.After killing his family  to give Sasuke th emindset to become strong.

Anime Cheks

Itachi and Kisame assigned a mission to capture Naruto.Naruto is ajinchuriki,and the main goal of akatsuki is to capture all jinchuriki.Itachi arrive konoha to capture jinchuriki,then Itachi learns that naruto is protection under jiraya.Itachi also meet his brother Sasuke uchiha and face him.

Itachi leave his village konoha,and become rogue ninja.Then Itachi join Akatsuki,and pair with his new partner Kisame hoshigaki.He suffer from ills
because of overuse of mangekyo sharingan.Its is time Itachi meet one of the akatsuki member oruchimaru.he tries to take Itachi body,but faiied.

In short time sasuke absorbed Oruchimaru,and become more stronger.Itachi meets with Naruto and, after questioning his intentions to save Sasuke, ensures the youth's safety with a crow with Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan as a countermeasure against Sasuke if he gains his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and attempts to attack Konoha.

Sasuke track Itachi and the final battle start between Uchiha's brothers.During his fight he push Sasuke to his limit using his mangekyo Sharingan.iIn between doing so,Oruchimaru is come out from Sasuke body.Then Itachi seals oruchimaru with his Susanoo before dying from his disease.Iachi was killed by sasuke and implant his Amatsaru technique within Sasuke,that protect from to kill tobi in case he even attack.

Anime Cheks
Mangekyo Sharingan
Later tobi revieals the truth of itachi's that he resolve to destroy the village.Itachi also implants his Mangekyo Sharingan to his brother Sasuke.

Later during fourth great ninja war Itachi reappears brought by Kabuto Yakashi using his reanimation jutsu,it is a forbidden jutsu that back dead back to fight on Tobi side.He pair with Nagato to fight Killer Bee and Naruto.Itachi summon his crow he gave Naruto to regain his free will.After sealing Nagato ,Itachi gone to stop Kabuto.In forest Sasuke encounter as they join force to battel him.sasuke want to know  the truth .
Itaci and Sasuke fight against Kabuto for a long ,then he pushed to use Izanami to  trap Kabuto in an eternal time-loop within his mind to have him break his jutsu. Itachi soul beganning to fade,while telling his Sasuke that he does not have to forgive him and that he will always love him, no matter what choice he makes from then on.



Itachi Uchiha VS  Sasuke Uchiha
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