Uzumaki Naruto

The main character of manga and anime series.He has whisker like marking on his face and have spikey hair style.

Anime Cheks

Uzumaki naruto is  from konohagakure(konoha) and he is ginin from his village.The nine tail fox monster kyubi  sealed in his boby.since  9 year ago kyubi fox devasted the village and try to distroy village.But the first hokage and father of naruto  minato namikaze sealed kyubi with him in.

Naruto dream is to become hokage to be so all respect him.He fights hard for his dream & sure he will one day.The ninja way of life is"never give up".His trade mark jutsu is kage banshin no jutsu(shadoe clone jutsu) & rasengan.His first real friend is sasuke,sakura,kakashi and iruka.

Naruto team up with sasuke and sakura in team7 ,with sensei kakashi.Later naruto leave the Village for three year to train under jiraya sensei.The main goal of jiraya sensei is to use the  chakra of nine tail ,which naruto use in fights.see more

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