Tyson the young man,enter the japan Beyblade qualifying Tournament.Tyson battle with Kai and Ray after defeating them,the manager of beyblade Organisation,organise team with max,known as Bladeblakers. Along kenny tyson & company tour china to register for the championship.In china Ray meet his old team White Tiger.It is seen that Ray's old team grudge against him ,At the end of chinese tournament Ray and his ex-teammate make amends & they win the Tournment.After this Bladebrakers arrive in U.S to battle against All Starz. All starz coach by max 's mother.After winning the battle against American league, the team find themselves stranded in Europe. 

To regester in russia world championship, They must battle the Majestics who are Europe's top bladers.In Russia, Tyson and his friends find themselves up against the Demolition Boys, the Russian Champions, Who are tough enough with full power. The tyson and his friends then discover that the Demolition Boys  BIOVOLT Corporation,run by Kai's grandfather, Voltaire, and Boris, a criminal mastermind.Pursued Kai by Boris to join his team and take the power of the Black Dranzer Bit-Beast ,which Kai was seeking to become the best Beyblader. After this he realize the his mistake and join again his team.

In finals kai loses the first match against spencer.The next round ray manage to win round against bryan,but he send to hospital because of his injuries from the match.Atlast tyson v/s Tala,the Leader of Demolition boys whos body has been modified by evil boris to win the final round.But our hero tyson win the match,and win the title of the BBA world champion.

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