Kai with his Dranzer Blade

In region tournament kai battle agains max in semi final, max lose the match.At other end tyson beat Ray in semifinal.
the last match of tournament,tyson defeat Kai.The general manager of BBA declare the team known as Bladeblakers,with
tyson,Ray,Max,and Kai intoduce the captain of team.His great experience in the sport, Though Kai is unconvinced, his pride pushes him into accepting leadership.The badeblakers gone to win Asian,amirican Tournament.

At Robert's Castle Kai is challenged by Johnny  at first he decides to challenges him and unexceptionally loses to Johnny.Then Kai settles the score with Johnny in the European Tournament in which he defeats Johnny.In amirican tournament Kai behave strange after meeting Balkov Abbey.

Then he join his grandfather Voltaire team Demolision boyz.Kai get the bit beast black Dranzer thai kia want inhis childhood.Kaireunit with demolision boyz to win tournament.

"Ha i invent the word impossible,thats why I,m Champ whether i like it or not" - Said by Kai.

even send a helicopter to escort them to the frozen Lake Baikal. There, Kai battles Tyson, Ray, and Kenny, overwhelming them all with his power.Tyson blade gone to lose his speed of his blade,max arrive to help him with his new stronger Draciel Blade.the opportunity to Tyson to launch Kai blade Dranzer,and dranzer anger,thenthey make combined attack with ray,Tyson,max manage to defeat Black Dranzer.then Kai realize the power of friendship.they are standing on the ice lake begin to crack,but Kai frozen in realization of pride,refuses to move.But support from his team,he sheds a tear and allows them to pull him back onto solid ground.

After after this Kai take his own Dranzer beyblade from tyson and go back to HQ of boris to unleasing Black Dranzer destroying there machine's after that he acknowledges his role as leader of a great team and rejoins the Bladebreakers for the championships.

Kai vs Tyson region Tournament Final Match

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