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The fundamental character, Mark Evans (円堂 守 Endō Mamoru?), is an exceptionally capable goalkeeper and the grandson of David Evans (円堂 大介 Endō Daisuke?), one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who kicked the bucket before Mark was conceived. Despite the fact that his aptitudes and excitement are fantastic, his school fails to offer a true soccer club, as the six different parts don't show up extremely intrigued even in preparing. One day, when an obscure forward named Axel Blaze (豪炎寺 修也 Gōenji Shūya?) moves to Mark's town, the adolescent goalkeeper sets out to discover and enlisted person parts for his soccer group. There are almost 1000 playable characters with fluctuating abilities that will figure out the accomplishment of the group. As you play through the story, Mark can select different characters on the group and assistance accomplish his extreme objective of contending!
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